Painted with Passion

Ken paints in a very modern style using only the best of materials.... painting on the reverse side of glass is challenging but very rewarding when you see the end result, it enables him to achieve a very smooth blend of colours not achievable on canvas.



Ken Cowins


Art Painted with Passion


Ken Cowins was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1955, now working and living in the beautiful county of Dumfries and Galloway.

Ken creates oil on glass original paintings which entails working on the reverse side of the glass and starts with the foreground detail and working to the background (very challenging but very rewarding).

He is completely self taught and has been creating art for the past 10 years.

Ken draws his inspiration from the landscapes of the Lake District and Scottish Highlands having been a landscape photographer for over 20 years.

Ken's style is colourful/vibrant and dramatic, he is looking forward to the future in which ever way his art takes him.

Fairs & Exhibitions

A selection of my art will be on display at the Borders Art Fair, Kelso.

12th - 15th March in the Dancing Light Gallery booth.

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